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You’re closing out the year and everything for the holidays is pretty much buttoned up. Except, well — there’s one person left on your gift-giving checklist.

That’s right; we’re talking about that friend or family member who’s decided that 2023 is the year they will buy a home — perhaps their first ever. 

You can’t really get them a housewarming gift: it’s way too early for that. But you want to gift something meaningful. We’ve all been there — holiday schedules are getting more chaotic and you’re tapped out of ideas.

Last-minute gift ideas don’t have to be impersonal, and — thanks to next-day (and sometimes same-day) shipping — they don’t have to be last minute either. 


Here’s our gift-giving shortlist

Below you’ll find our recommendations of 6 books to gift to the people in your life who will most likely be making regular mortgage payments by this time next year — all available for quick delivery with Amazon Prime. 

Is your friend a serial renter who needs a kickstart?

We all have that friend who has watched all their acquaintances and best buds purchase and move into new homes but just won’t leave their apartment. You know the type: the one who still has bookcases made of cinder blocks and 2X4s. If that friend is finally getting around to thinking about buying a home or a condo, this book is for them.


Stop Renting: The Path To Homeownership

by Jesse Stroup

111 pages

Available in Paperback

Buy it with Prime for quick delivery: 


➡️ A top Amazon review: 

5 out of 5 stars – Great and relevant information

I’m a real estate agent and I’ll be sharing this book with my clients who are not experienced with buying a home. If you need 400 pages of conversational content, then this probably isn’t the book for you. But if you need relevant information, easy to find and right to the point, you’re going to need this book.



Is your friend thinking of leaving the burbs and buying in the big city?

In the last few years, the pandemic has prompted many city dwellers to escape the urban environment for more space in the suburbs, the countryside and less populated areas. That’s left plenty of opportunity for those of us who have always wanted to taste what the big city has to offer but have never put a plan in motion. If someone on your list is interested in condo life, this book was written with them in mind.


Condo Buying Mistakes

by Matt Leighton

46 pages

Available in Audiobook and Paperback


Buy it with Prime for quick delivery: https://amzn.to/3T8dgSa 


➡️ A top Amazon review: 

5 out of 5 stars – Invaluable help for condo buyers new to the market

This book has a lot of useful information. It explains what to pay attention to while reviewing different condos. There are so many details that are important and can be easily overlooked. This book helps to know and remember about them. This is not a complete guide on how to buy a condo, which is a complex and a little scary (to me) process. This book is a great start.



Is your friend looking to literally move to greener acres? 

Maybe you know somebody who has had it with the big city and is ready to get back to basics. Moving to the country is not always easy — there’s a commitment to a DIY approach, for one thing — but if you have a guide like this book, it can be a lot easier and at least you know what you’re getting yourself into. For everything from planning a garden to building a barn, this book’s got you covered.


The Encyclopedia of Country Living

by Carla Emery 

928 pages

Available in Kindle, Paperback & Spiral-bound


Buy it with Prime for quick delivery: https://amzn.to/3pGca3s


➡️ A top Amazon review: 

5 out of 5 stars – A great book full of lots of information!!

Overall I recommend this book, especially if you live in or want to move out to the country. It’s a great book that will give you a strong base of knowledge for many things you should know about life out here.


Is your friend downsizing or designing a smaller home?

Whether someone on your gift-buying list is an empty nester, maybe your grandparents or parents? Perhaps they’ve decided that the large home where they raised a family is just too big now that the kids have flown the coop. Or maybe you know someone who’s decided to build a smaller home — maybe even a tiny home — from scratch. This book has all the tips they’ll need, as well as the mistakes to watch out for.


Downsize: Living Large in a Small House

By Sheri Koones

240 pages

Available in Kindle and Hardcover


Buy it with Prime for quick delivery: https://amzn.to/3RK9ltK


➡️ A top Amazon review:   

5 out of 5 stars – Great Book

I enjoyed every minute reading this book and looking at the pictures. So informative. Great fun getting to look at these smaller homes all over the country. Interesting “downsizing” scenarios, too.





Does your friend have kids who are anxious about moving?

Moving is considered one of the most significant stressors you might ever face. It’s up there with getting married, starting a new job or having kids. Speaking of kids, they may not understand why a move is necessary and why they have to leave their home, their yard and their friends. A book like this can help get them excited about all the fun possibilities that come with having a new home. It’s a great read.


Goodbye Old House

By Margaret Wild and Ann James

32 pages

Available in Kindle and Hardcover


Buy it with Prime for quick delivery: https://amzn.to/3QTHtDY 


➡️ A top Amazon review: 

5 out of 5 stars – Very Sweet Book

Loved the simple sweet message of this book about moving to a new house and how the new adventure can hold the promise of another loving home that will be different but the same in so many ways. 




Is your friend interested in an investment property?

Not everyone is looking to live by themselves; some need advice on ways to turn a property into an investment. This book is perfect for the person on your list who can temporarily put aside their short-term wants for long-term achievements. This book has everything from understanding personal finances to starting without a lot of money and getting your mortgage pre-approval to a stress-free closing. In its simplest form, this book explores house hacking — the real estate investment strategy where you buy a multifamily house, rent it out to cover your costs and live for free.  


The Everything Guide to House Hacking

by Robert Leonard 

256 pages

Available in Kindle and Paperback


Buy it with Prime for quick delivery: https://amzn.to/3egD7bX 


➡️ A top Amazon review: 

5 out of 5 stars – Must Read for Real Estate Investors!

This book was so good that I purchased two extra copies to give away to friends. Honestly can’t recommend it enough!

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