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INDIAN LAND, S.C. — Movement Mortgage, the nation’s sixth-largest retail mortgage lender, is honored to announce a partnership with The Warrior’s Journey®, an organization supporting active duty and military veterans who are experiencing a wide range of hardships. 

The Warrior’s Journey offers help with issues ranging from financial hardship to post traumatic stress to family brokenness. By partnering with Movement, The Warrior’s Journey can now provide vetted content and mortgage advice to those interested in purchasing or refinancing a home via a VA loan or similar home financing product. 

As a corporate partner, Movement will help educate veterans, active duty personnel and military families about VA home buying benefits, VA loan eligibility and entitlement, borrowing limits, refinancing and more. 

Veterans and service members — and their families — who seek out The Warrior’s Journey services will have access to mortgage products and services under the Movement Military initiative. This division of the Movement offers a mortgage experience built for military families by military families. As one of the largest VA lenders in the U.S. Movement Mortgage offers home financing tailored to the needs of military families and veterans with competitive rates, easy-to-use technology and special perks via a VA mortgage.

As part of the corporate partnership, Movement Mortgage will be able to refer military customers and their families to the website of The Warrior’s Journey for immediate, specialized support to help face the unique challenges of active duty and post-separation life. This can include deployment stress, financial difficulty, isolation, loss of identity, post-traumatic stress and more. 

“Movement’s mission is to exist to love and value people. And as a company, we have deep roots and deeper respect for the country’s military,” said Movement Mortgage co-founder and CEO Casey Crawford. “Our mission is closely related to The Warrior’s Journey’s vision, in that every warrior and their family would live in wholeness and be equipped to navigate the issues of life. We’re honored to be able to partner with this wonderful organization on behalf of our servicemen and women.” 

“The military creates a set of unique challenges that most people don’t understand,” said Chad Yates, Executive Director of Development at The Warrior’s Journey. “We built a team of veterans to triage and help active duty and military veterans create a personal plan to navigate those challenges so they can experience strength and resilience. Partnering with Movement to provide dependable guidance on buying a home is just one piece of the puzzle that many of our service members and their families face. But it’s a significant one and we’re excited to see where this takes us.”




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About The Warrior’s Journey®

The Warrior’s Journey is an online resource for the military community offering trusted content relating to the mission, vision, challenges and ethos of the warrior. Its goal is to offer insight, perspective, resources, referrals and community support to warriors and their families as they put beliefs and principles honored by their branch of service into practice. Launched in October 2016, The Warrior’s Journey has touched the lives of over 5,000 individuals from 178 nations, as tracked by Google. Services are 100% confidential and responses happen within 24 hours. The Warrior’s Journey is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. All donations are tax-deductible. Visit The Warrior’s Journey at

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