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The homebuying process can often be stressful. One of the biggest contributing factors may be worrying if you can qualify if your credit isn’t great. Wondering if you still have options? Check out what Movement’s loan officers have to say.

Q: My credit isn’t great; do I still have options?


A“Yes! For starters, many times what you see on 3rd party sites is not accurate. So it is important to allow a loan officer to pull a report directly from the bureaus we use. I have become well versed in credit repair in my 10 years in the mortgage industry. I can offer tips to help you increase your score and obtain a better interest rate as well. We also have an assortment of loan options that allow for lower scores to be used in purchasing a home. Never feel you need to be at 700+ to get a good rate!”

 Johnathon Kavanaugh, Loan Officer in Birmingham, AL. 


“The good news is, everyone has options. Programs do exist that help borrowers with lower credit scores. GREAT loan officers will also help you find solutions to credit issues.  My advice to anyone that wants to purchase a home, is contact a GREAT loan officer at least 4 months before you plan to start looking for a home. As a result, this should allow you to have enough time to make small changes in your spending habits that will create big changes in how easy and inexpensive it is for you to get a mortgage.”

 Jonathan Peters, Loan Officer in Rockport, TX.


“Absolutely. What I recommend is having us take a look to see where you are presently. From there, we will have a better idea on where you are and where we need to get you to. We can help by coming up with a custom game plan to get you on track and get you into your own home!”

 Allison Tyler, Senior Loan Officer in Roseville, CA.


If you need a little more upfront insight into the application process if you’re credit isn’t great, check out this video we put together as well.

Regardless of your not-so-great credit situation, there are still options. Homeownership can still be a dream for you. For further advice on everyday questions you have about getting a home loan, contact a Movement Mortgage loan officer near you.



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