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Figuring out how to finance your home can be stressful. There’s a loan officer on practically every corner to choose from, and they’re dishing out all kinds of information and terminology that add more stress. You keep hearing that everyone’s great and is the right lender to use. Though how can you be sure?

If you’re still in the market to try to find the best mortgage lender, have you considered Movement?

We know, another lender trying to make themselves stand out. But let us show you why using Movement Mortgage could be your best mortgage lender choice.


Our mission and culture

Movement has become one of the top 10 purchase mortgage lenders in America by valuing service. Our mission is to love and value those we serve, and those who work for us. The result? Thousands of purpose-filled careers, profits reinvested in communities and borrowers who are served well.

Whether you are a first-time homebuyer, seasoned and upgrading, or even new to the country looking to start your American dream, we are here to love and value you.


Our Foundation

One of the best things about working with Movement Mortgage? Business earned doesn’t go to stuffing the pockets of business suits. The majority owner of our company is the nonprofit Movement Foundation. Our profits are invested into this vehicle for transforming communities where we all work and live. After capitalizing our growth and balance sheet, our profits are paid as dividends to Movement Foundation, rather than private-equity investors or shareholders. Our foundation grants millions of dollars each year to schools, ministries and community development efforts. They bring life, light and hope to our neighbors. Your dollars spent on the investment of your home through us also goes toward investing into the lives of those underserved around you.


Our process

What has seemed to be the standard for the typical mortgage experience is a long time frame of 30 days minimum. And frequently even more than that. If you’re concerned your home loan process will take an unreasonable time to finalize, you haven’t heard of Movement Mortgage’s unmatched 6-7-1 process.*

  • 6 Hours: Our goal for Upfront Underwriting. This results in qualified borrowers receiving a fully underwritten pre-approval.
  • 7 Days: Our goal for full processing of the loan.
  • 1 Day: Our goal for closing the loan.

Don’t worry over a long or problematic loan process at another company. Choose Movement for the speed you need.


Our stats

Yes, Movement Mortgage claims to have a faster process that’s better than most other lenders. But we want to show you the stats to prove it.

Can we really process a loan in 7 days* or less? Well, see for yourself. Year to date, we’ve helped:**

            52,300 homebuyers
            85% of those loans were processed in 7 days or less

**as of March, 2019

In 2018, we also managed to average 6.64 hours on our upfront underwriting. Meaning you get your pre-approval decision after a completed application fast. When we say that we work hard to get you through the loan process quickly, we mean business.


Our tools

Movement strives to be on the forefront of technology to provide the best experience for our customers throughout the entire mortgage process. From shopping around, to applying, to closing, our goals are founded in making it easier for you.

Mortgage calculators

To be able to provide our customers the utmost convenience, we’ve created basic mortgage calculators to assist you when shopping around. If you’re trying to price out what a monthly payment on your mortgage might be, head over to our website’s free mortgage calculator (or your local loan officer’s) to see if the home you’re looking at fits into your budget.


Almost everything is faster and more convenient when you can do it through your device. So why should applying for a home loan be any different? With our game-changing EasyApp, it only takes about 15 minutes to start your application and helps cut the paperwork down to a minimum. Utilizing this mortgage application tool is one of the first steps to getting your pre-approval decision with Movement.


To help you keep things on your own time, we’ve brought you the convenient, online alternative to manually signing a mountain of documents at the closing table. Buyers can now simply sign many of the documents online prior to scheduled closing, wait to sign the same documents online with an attorney or closer present or opt out of online signing altogether in favor of the traditional pen-to-paper method. EasySign is the latest way Movement Mortgage is moving forward for your convenience.


Our testimonials

It’s always our goal to do more than just get your business and help you into your home. We want to make you a raving fan of Movement and the experience we provide you. Frequently, we receive feedback from our customers stating that our “service was outstanding and rated an A+.” We especially love hearing when they thought it was a “totally fantastic process and outcome” that was “beyond all expectations.” What continues to drive us is the benefit of an amazing process where the homebuyer was served well by our servant leadership and mission to love and value people. We aim to constantly replicate that for each of our consumers.

Along the way, our greatest highlights have come not from reaching goals and setting records, but from the moments that brought us together as a community. Our mission to love and value each other — customers, teammates and communities — is just beginning. So if you are looking for one of the best mortgage lenders that is ready to serve you and your homebuying needs well, look no further. Movement Mortgage is ready to be the lender you need.

Want to see if you could join the 80% of homebuyers whose loan is processed in 7 days or less? Apply now

*While it is Movement Mortgage’s goal to provide underwriting results within six hours of receiving an application, process loans in seven days, and close in one day, extenuating circumstances may cause delays outside of this window.