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Changemakers is dedicated to telling the stories of the humble servants, the hard workers who rise above circumstance to make the world around them better.

Movement Instructional Designer Noah Edwards is one of those people. He recently returned from a Movement-sponsored mission trip to Uganda and brought back his story of service, hope and appreciation.

“We met this incredible woman named Nighty. She used to be a witch doctor. She was deceiving people, giving them false prophecies or false healings because she needed to put food on the table. Her kids got involved through some of the local programs with Sports Outreach, and she became interested in what was going on there. She eventually came to know Jesus through Sports Outreach and kinda turned her whole life around.”

Former Ugandan Witch Doctor, Nighty

“The impact that was left on my heart, on the lives of my teammates, it was very much real. It’s given me a new, a fresh perspective on the work I do here at Movement.”

Movement Mortgage Teammates

Movement teammates with children in Uganda

“Whether it’s here in our backyard in Fort Mill, or whether it’s all the way in Uganda, it just gives you a little extra pep in your step when you head into the office because you know what you’re doing is important.”

Movement employee with Ugandan students

Movement employee with Ugandan children

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