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2019 has begun, and it’s time to check off some of those resolutions! If you’re starting your homebuying journey in 2019, we have some tips for you. Check out what Movement’s loan officers have to say.




A: “Plan ahead. It’s easy for shiny granite counters and plush green yards to make you lose sight of what you want. Write down your must haves and don’t compromise on them. When you find the right house, compare it to your list. If it’s right, make an offer!”

Adrian Hall, Mortgage Loan Officer, Knoxville, TN.


“Now is the time to begin to see if you’re ready. Waiting to begin could be stressful especially when the market is busy with other buyers. Set up a plan with your loan officer. A timeline of steps will help you know what is expected to happen.”

Kim Smrek, Mortgage Loan Officer, Chevy Chase, MD


“Get pre-approved early, and know your numbers. Make sure you understand the monthly payment that goes along with your price point. Your expectations and your reality need to sync up. Also, rely on your professionals like loan officers and real estate agents. Never feel like you’re bugging them with questions, they should want you to bug them with questions. They’d certainly rather you get the correct info from them than the incorrect info from Google. Also, I think it’s ok to overpay a little for a house you love. If the market isn’t giving you many options to buy and you find a house you love, don’t get hung up on a couple thousand bucks, especially if you’re going to stay in the house long-term. If you can afford it, make it happen.”

Tyler Baker, Branch Manager, Olathe, KS


“Now is the time to start the process. More than 75 percent of credit reports are said to have some incorrect data. Often a difference of two points in your credit score can make a drastic difference in your interest rate and/or loan fees. Making sure you are prepared from a credit standpoint is the most important part of the process. Secondly, make sure you are staying current on all your liabilities. And lastly, when you sit down with us, you will know you are with an industry leader in Movement Mortgage. We love and value people here at Movement.  It shows in how we take care of you while guiding you through the process.”

Bodie Shepherd, Market Leader, Chico, CA


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