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Spring is in the air and home buying is on the rise. The question is; are you ready to buy a home in this hot market? If so, let’s go over what that means for you.

Higher home prices

With warm weather and longer days comes the itch, the home buying itch. The competition is fierce between seasoned homeowners and first-time homebuyers to find their dream home, so that means you’ve got to budget. Budget. Budget.

Home sales prices are higher meaning you need to know what you can afford before entering the home buying process. HousingWire reports that Americans believe home prices will continue to rise over the next year, so strike the market when you feel financially ready to buy a home.

How sellers can help

Although the prices of homes are rising, so is the number of sellers meaning more homes to choose from and a rise in competition for them.

According to HousingWire, 45 percent of Americans think that now is a good time to sell.

They’ll have the upper hand on pricing their homes, so start a conversation to see if they’re willing to compromise on the sale price or closing costs to secure your pre-qualified bid.

They’re looking to sell, and you’re looking to buy. Why not work together to make the buying and selling process easier for both of you?

The takeaway

Remember to keep a positive outlook on buying right now. It’s a tough market, but with the right preparation and home buying team, you’ll be a champ in this hot housing market.

You’re all set to enjoy the feeling of home buying in spring. It’s easier when you’re prepared.


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