Larger than Life: HousingWire goes in-depth with CEO Casey Crawford - Movement Mortgage Blog

Casey-HousingWire-May2018 The following is an excerpt from “Larger than Life: Casey Crawford’s vision for Movement Mortgage is bigger than making money.”

It doesn’t take long into a conversation with Casey Crawford to realize any applicable labels aren’t really going to work: Chief Executive Officer, NFL Athlete, Super Family Guy. 

Those are all accurate statements, but they don’t capture the totality of who Crawford is.

True: He is a CEO, and a damn good one, for Movement Mortgage; a nonbank lender he started 10 years ago, which is now a top-10 HMDA lender.

True: He played in a Super Bowl. Yes, he played in a Super Bowl. No, really, seriously, the guy PLAYED IN A SUPER BOWL.

True: He writes LinkedIn posts about how awesome his wife is and what an inspiration she is to him and how he’s the perfect dad with the perfect family – a story that all checks out.

Still. He wears t-shirts to his televised interviews; not very CEO. He played sports at a high level, but rarely brings it up and when he does he talks about it as a mere chapter in his life. Honestly, who plays a Super Bowl and doesn’t describe it as the defining moment in their personal journey? Casey Crawford, that’s who. His family is a big part of his life of course, but he talks about his even larger family — his coworkers — in terms that are just as glowing.

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