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Hogan will grow lender’s condo business while contemplating space travel – seriously

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA — Movement Mortgage, a national top 10 residential mortgage lender, is proud to announce that Kerry Hogan has joined the company as its newest market leader in Washington, D.C.

In his role, Hogan will focus on growing the company’s condo financing program throughout the D.C. metro area. Much of that will involve leveraging Movement Condo Express®, Movement’s fast-track method of approving condo projects with upfront financing. He’ll report to Regional Director Maria Clark.

Kerry Hogan

As a native Washingtonian with over 15 years of lending experience, Hogan understands the complexities and opportunities that await in the D.C. real estate market. He looks forward to helping borrowers finance their homes and helping loan officers on his team grow their business.

He says he chose to work at Movement because, unlike many other lenders, it has managed to successfully finance condo projects. Hogan will work closely with Sam Chazanow, Movement’s condo department manager and one of the industry’s foremost condo experts.

“I am super excited to welcome Kerry Hogan to the Movement family,” Clark says. “With his knowledge and experience, coupled with Movement’s extraordinary condo process, he will own the local condo market.”

Hogan hopes to grow his team of five loan originators into a team of more than 50 loan officers and five branch managers. “There are 3,200 condo projects in D.C. and 9,000-plus in Virginia,” Hogan says. “The potential for growth is there and the market is ripe for expansion.”

When he’s not working, Hogan enjoys huddling around a campfire, drinking scotch, spending time with his two daughters and contemplating space travel. Yes, space travel.

“I’m a huge NASA buff,” he says. “For me, space travel is the pinnacle of what a human can do. It’s just cool.”


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