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It’s officially holiday season and that means guests may be occupying your home from Thanksgiving all the way through Christmas. This year, wow them with next-level treatment. Here are a few ideas for being the host with the most.

Guest room test run

The main component to providing a comfortable environment for your visitors is the guest room. Here are some ways to make sure it’s comfortable and inviting for them to stay as long as they like (even if that’s not true).

Test the mattress out. If it’s lumpy and uncomfortable then it’s time to break the piggy bank and invest in a new mattress. Rotate and flip your mattress at least twice a year to avoid a sunken in mattress.

Pro tip: Purchase a new mattress every seven years. According to The Sleep Better Council, a mattress generally lasts seven years before wear and tear set in.

Wifi signage

The first question you may hear when a guest walks into your house is, “What’s your wifi password?” Here’s an easy fix for your nephew who has to constantly check his Facebook account:.

Set up a wifi sign in an easy-to-spot area in the guest room or in your living room. All you’ll have to do is point to the sign and they’re all set to cyber surf the rest of their stay.

Odor offensive

Do people perform smell tests anymore? They should. If your home is giving off a disturbing odor, your guest may opt for a last-minute hotel check-in. Unless that was the plan all along, consider using candles to release a pleasant smell. Purchase a few ahead of time to experiment with scents you like.

Keep a stock of household odor eliminators. Febreze will be a lifesaver when the bathroom stinks and friends are arriving in five minutes. Is the trash can nose-offending? Wash it regularly and add used fabric softener sheets to the bottom to keep a constant fresh scent.

You have not arrived at your destination

Your house guest went to 519 instead 1519 in the neighborhood, and now they’re lost. Maybe they’re lost because they couldn’t see your house number. It’s probably hidden behind overgrown bushes or tree shrubs.

Make sure your house numbers are all there and in plain view for newcomers. Trim your bushes or tree branches and check visibility from the road so your family and friends can easily find your home.

So many amenities

Your mom is in town and forgot her toothbrush. She’s not sharing with you, so what’s a host to do?

Stock the guest bathroom with toiletries starting with basics like toilet paper and towels and adding in extra treats such as toothpaste and shampoo. You never know when a guest may need it.

Also, set up a basket of extras on the sink that not only provides an accent piece but is stocked with miniature goodies your guest will love to rummage through and use. A hydrating face mask or soothing bath salts will help your sister relax while her six kids run rampant in the next room.

All the safe eats

Ask your guests beforehand for any food allergies and stock up on the appropriate foods. Create a checklist and send it to them so you can be better prepared and tend to their needs.

So, you have an allergy checklist, but what’s for dinner? It needs to be quick and healthy for the in-laws coming to town. Take our quiz to find an easy, healthy recipe.

Congratulations, you are now a host master. You have all of the hacks to impress your family and friends and have them begging you to share your tricks. If you’re looking for more tips, find out ways to turn your house into a home here. Go forth with your next-level hosting.


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