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Thrive Director Aimée Dodson was honored with an award for Excellence and Innovation for her work leading Movement’s 2016 #loseamillion campaign. Pensions & Investments presented the award to her during the West Coast Defined Contribution Conference.

Photo Courtesy of Aimée Dodson.

In 2016, almost 2,500 team members participated in #loseamillion, a temporary challenge aimed to reduce their consumer debt and lose $1 million in debt as a community. Team members surpassed the goal and paid off $2.8 million in consumer debt and collected $1.4 million in new savings over the 90-day period.

The Thrive initiated campaign urged participants to fill out the financial wellness assessment, watch weekly financial videos and recordings from CEO Casey Crawford and participate in workshops structured to help reduce debt. “The Total Money Makeover” by Dave Ramsay was given to each team member as another helpful tool in the financial wellness journey.

Movement Mortgage also offered a drawing where 10 participants received $1,000 each for debt retirement. That’s just an added perk to the ability to be financially stable.

Photo courtesy of Noah Turley.

Earlier this year, Movement Mortgage won an Eddy Award from Pensions and Investments Magazine for the #loseamillion challenge last year. The second place award was for the Special Projects – Wellness category.


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