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Spotlight is a semi-regular Q&A column published on Movement’s intranet to shine a spotlight on the company’s markets across the country. This week, we’re sharing one of these Spotlight stories to give readers insight into the amazing work our markets are doing.

Atlanta, Georgia: home of really good food and salt of the earth people. This week’s Spotlight shines on Movement’s market in Atlanta, led by Market Leader Josh Covett.

Josh Covett

Q. How big is your market?  

A. We have 15 loan officers and four and a half loan officer assistant. (We share one with another market).

Q. What is the history of your market?

A. We started as a branch three years ago, but we turned into a market around one and a half years ago.

Q. How would you describe the growth in your market?

A. Nobody had heard of us three years ago. Now we are nearly a household name! We are about to crack into the Top 20 in Marketshare, and all signs point towards continued growth.

The Atlanta team cuts the ribbon for the grand opening of its new office building.

Q. What are the top three destinations to bring guests to when they visit your market?  

A. #1 Stop by the Beltline. Grab lunch at the Ponce City Market followed by a long walk on the Beltline. Then, have dinner in Krog Street Market, which is basically a high-end, gourmet food court.

#2 Centennial Olympic Park has a splash pad, a humongous Ferris wheel, one of the best aquariums in the country (since it includes whale sharks), the Coca-Cola Museum and the College Football Hall of Fame.

#3 Check out the brand new Braves stadium, and let us know what you think; we have season tickets!

Q. What is the biggest misconception about your market?  

A. People think of Atlantans as genetically advanced human beings with superior intellect, dashing good looks and above average charm and charisma. In reality, we are just humble, salt of the earth, fun-loving individuals!

The Atlanta team knows how to work and play hard.

Q. What’s one thing you want the entire company to know about your market?  

A. We have an initiative called MOCA which stands for Movement of Change Atlanta. We meet to spend equal time talking about selling and closing loans and how to be the happiest team on the planet. That means fully diving into all of the Thrive initiatives, finding more ways to give back to our local community and exhibiting constant focus in the workplace.

Q. What kind of community activism do you see in your market?

A. Our group happily volunteers three to four times a year. During our last three sessions, we sorted medical supplies at Medshare International, packed Christmas presents for “Clark’s Kids” and participated in the Lupus Walk.


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