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When it comes to the pendulum that is home decor, all trends point to maximalist design choices. Read: lots of fun and bold picks! Here are a few of our favorites.

1) Subway tile

We’ll warm up with this “safe” design trend. Subway tile is classic, and most commonly used as a kitchen backsplash. The great thing about subway tile is its versatility, allowing you to experiment with pops of color in other elements of the room. Time to break your red stand mixer out of the cabinet black hole and display it on your counter.

2) Smart home features

As smart home devices become more commonplace, incorporating them into your decor can give your home a futuristic feel (without feeling like you’re aboard Star Trek’s Enterprise). For example, as TVs become flatter and less clunky, try blending your TV into the room instead of making it the focal point. This can be done by mounting it on the wall among pieces of art and shelves versus hanging it over the fireplace.

3) Mix and match patterns

Geometrics, florals, polka-dots – oh my! If you have a hard time choosing which throw pillows you want on your couch or bedspread, decide on a unified color theme and choose them all. Bolder is better!

4) Floating shelves

Not sure what to do with that huge blank wall? Stagger some floating shelves in the space and line them with plants, family photos, books and any other trinkets or collectibles you have on hand. These shelves are a great way to add dimension to your space, and they’re functional as well.

5) Textures

Velvet upholstery is making a comeback because of its textured finish. You can easily make a room more interesting by including subtle textures in the form of a furred rug, abstract work of art, or stoned fireplace. Texture appeals to the senses and gives off a cozy, homey feel.

6) Gallery wall

This isn’t a new concept, but the items you can incorporate into your gallery wall have ventured beyond picture frames. If it can be hung on a wall, you can add it to your gallery – decorative plates, paintings, mirrors, monograms, and the list goes on. The important thing is to make it meaningful to you since you’ll see it every day.

7) Industrial farmhouse

“Opposites attract” has never looked better: think raw wood mixed with steel metals, shiny paired with rustic, polished with unfinished. Sure, you can buy this kind of décor for a pretty penny, or you can source it yourself at yard sales and flea markets for much cheaper.

8) Go green

Thanks to Pantone’s color choice of the year, Greenery,  green that looks like it’s been lifted straight from a perfectly nourished lawn is in. Incorporate some indoor plants into your rooms to give things a fresh, earthy feel. Choose a green statement lighting fixture, or do something as simple as throwing an emerald blanket onto your loveseat.


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