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Phones aren’t the only things getting smarter these days. Homes are, too. This year, we’ll see innovations that’ll make us all feel like we’re living in the future. In the ever-expanding world of smart home tech, there’s something for everybody:

For the Control Freak

“Your wish is my command” takes on a whole new (realistic) meaning with voice control technology like Google Home and Amazon Echo, two of the hottest smart home hubs on the market. Google Home’s Assistant feature enables homeowners to voice search anything (though many of us don’t want to actually say out loud some of the things we’ve Googled). Now, you can maintain eye contact with your significant other while you fact-check them, versus hunching over your smartphone to find out if “irregardless” is a real word.


But instantly settling a debate isn’t all these devices can do. Google Home and Amazon Echo can sync with other smart home devices to turn lights on/off or fiddle with the thermostat. They have built-in speakers, can stream music and can even bring your next Amazon Prime delivery to your door.

For the Home Chef

This isn’t your grandmother’s crockpot. No really, there’s now a slow cooker on the market that lets you adjust its settings from your smart phone. That’s not all you can automate in the kitchen: smart refrigerators can do things like tell you when you need milk, order groceries and manage your family’s schedule – all from a handy touch screen that’ll make you feel like The Jetsons. These pricey fridges allow you to leave notes for other family members and even watch TV. Pretty soon, you’ll be able to do everything plus the kitchen sink from this room in your home.

For the Sleep-Deprived Parents Out There

Or the workaholics. Or the insomniacs. The new smart beds will have you appreciating what little time you do spend catching z’s. These beds have embedded sensors to track heart rate, your tossing-and-turning to restful sleep ratio, and your breathing. It then reports back to you via smartphone app, and can integrate with your other health apps like Fitbits and even your smart thermostat (so you can sleep at juuuust the right temperature). And what would a smart bed be without the ability to customize the firmness on each side of the mattress? It does that, too.

As smart home technology becomes more and more available and affordable to everyone, the home buying experience will evolve as every new innovation arrives to the market. Potential homeowners won’t just be asking themselves, will I like this tile in five years? But increasingly more questions along the lines of, will this home accommodate my smart devices?


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Adam O'Daniel

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