Movement 10K winner uplifts children with autism - Movement Mortgage Blog

Movement loan officer Steven Hyde was thankful that the organization he nominated for the Movement 10K was going to get $10,000.

“I have goosebumps,” Hyde says “They just make such a big difference in families and their children’s lives.”

The Movement Foundation gives $10,000 to one organization each month nominated by the company’s team members. To nominate a charity of their choice, employees must submit a 30-second video about the organization, and demonstrate how it would use a foundation grant to serve those in need.

December’s winner was the Autism Tree Project Foundation in San Diego, Calif. The organization will use the money to support its ongoing programs helping children with autism.

“To be a part of this joyous occasion, I really appreciate you guys and what you’ve done has impacted my life as well,” Hyde says of the organization.

Autism Tree Project Foundation musical playgroup in session. Photo courtesy of ATPF.

ATPF provides 23 programs and services ranging from musical playgroups to early intervention screenings and college preparedness programs.

Hyde has volunteered with the organization for year after learning about the group from a real estate agent. The nonprofit provides its services free to the family so they can focus on their child’s best interests.

ATPF was founded in 2003 when Todd and Dayna Hoff’s son, Garret, was diagnosed with autism. They decided to raise awareness of autism, give children a voice and give parents the tools to understand and help their children succeed.

“What works for one kid, might not work for another, and we’re always trying set up the kids for success,” says Lisa Kaufmann, director of program development for ATPF, who has been with the organization for nine years.

Kaufmann was overwhelmed by the news her organization won the grant. Hyde called to give her the news himself.

You can listen to that phone call here: