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First, he laughed and offered Movement Mortgage CEO Casey Crawford a virtual high-five over a computer screen.

Then, Dan Peterson, a Movement branch manager in Brentwood, Calif., praised the company after learning it would bestow $10,000 to the Royal Family Kids Camp, a faith-based nonprofit that offers camps, clubs and mentoring to abused, neglected and abandoned children.

Peterson is the first to receive the Movement Foundation’s 10K Grant — a campaign to give $10,000 each month to the charities and nonprofits that matter most to Movement team members.

During a surprise video conference over Skype (originally pitched to Peterson as a meeting with his market leader), Crawford announced that the Royal Family Kids Camp would be the first ever to receive the foundation’s grant.

Branch Manager Dan Peterson reacts in surprise when ambushed via Skype by CEO Casey Crawford.
Branch Manager Dan Peterson reacts in surprise when ambushed via Skype by CEO Casey Crawford.

Another organization agreed to match Movement’s donation, Crawford said, meaning the camp is poised to get $20,000 to serve abused and neglected children.

“That is so awesome,” Peterson said, pumping his arms in the air. “I’m so excited.”

Also receiving $10,000 this month: Out of Darkness, an anti-human trafficking ministry in Atlanta nominated by Movement branch manager John Bohannon.

This is just the beginning.

Movement team members are encouraged to submit a 30-second video about the nonprofit or ministry of their choice to the Movement Foundation website. The foundation will then select a recipient each month for the $10,000 grant, based on how the money will be used to bring light, life and hope to those in need.

The giveaway jibes with Movement’s mission to love and value people, and engender a “Movement of Change” in the communities where team members live and work, Crawford said.

“You are our best ambassadors to care for the most underserved in your communities,” he said in a message to employees this week. “We want to come alongside you and help you do that.”


Peterson said he became involved with the Royal Family Kids Camp after connecting with real estate agent John Kenney, who demonstrate a passion for the organization.

“We wanted to give back and I felt this was a great charity and something we should do,” Peterson said.

Founded in 1990, the Royal Family Kids Camp aims to give foster children ages 6 to 12 life-changing experiences through a variety of camps, clubs and mentorship opportunities.

It also strives to galvanize the faith community to confront child abuse.

“Man, thank you for loving these kids,” Crawford told Peterson. “Thank you for leading the way.”

The gratitude was reciprocated.

“I love my job doing loans and helping people out,” Peterson said. “But, if we can impact the community in this way, it says so many great things about Movement Mortgage and I’m just happy to be part of it.”


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